Friday, 27 January 2017

Freelancing Work January

Since the middle of January I have been working with an advertising studio called Schuiller & Heise.

You can find out more about who they are through their website:

For the past two weeks I have been working in-house part time on a 2D animation project. I'm not under NDA but I'm not sure how happy the client would be if too much information were revealed so I'll keep it short and sweet. 

The studio is great and the landlord is eccentric enough to own pet goats so I get to say hello to them each morning too!

I hadn't used After Effects in such a long time let alone animated anything for even longer so admittedly I was a little concerned about under performing but they simply wanted a sweet, informative, no fuss animation and were very happy with the results. 

The project is about the differences in fireplaces and whats more efficient and environmentally friendly etc.  It doesn't sound exciting but as I couldn't understand the voice over it just sounded like noise to me rather than sciencey facts, and it includes a cute dog so I was made up.

Below I'm sharing some stills of the first video:

The first video has been sent to the client today, so after we hear feedback we'll know if it is complete or not or if it meets the clients standards. Hopefully, it does and I can get cracking with the next video, all in all the client has asked for 8-9 videos depending on how much they need to say.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this, it was mostly easy with a few challenges and I was able to do it quickly as all the assets were pre-made for me, and I can now say fireplace in German so all is well!

I'm not sure if this video is going only on the clients site or the studios but when it is up for viewing I will link it.

In other news I think I may be finished with the writing part of my story 'Little Arthur and the Big Moon' I'm sure I'll churn out another draft or two but I'm pretty happy with the story and I'm now diving into the paints to make some illustrations!

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