Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Summer after Uni...

Once the dust and chaos had settled from uni deadlines and exhibitions the real world opened its gates and reality came flooding in with responsibilities and dilemmas shaking your hand firmly - Ah! the horror! But after accepting this new 'adult lifestyle' and putting the creative cap back on the mood became peacefully crooked again :)

I had decided to revisit an older project similar to Sam from the previous year and delve into my niche of cuteness and all things child-friendly. I plan to redesign my old character Jagteres (now Fauna) from the game project and bring her to life in 3D - but I'm not doing this alone. Me and Anthony are collaborating on this character to get her out quickly and create her effectively in the stages that we are most confident in.

She is still in the pre production stage where I need to get confident in drawing her so I can draw the orthographics correctly  and then begin the long process of modelling.

The images below are what she use to be (image 2) and what she will look like, or similarly (image 1), playing around with design and colour. With her being a faun it will be an interesting challenge on modelling her features and seeing how she walks as she is typically on her toes.

Just thought we would update on what were getting up to - I plan to keep using this blog so feel free to comment! All feedback is welcome!

Image 2


  1. Hi Rosie. Nice to see a new project starting out of something old....see below