Wednesday, 29 June 2016

@PHIL ND: Updated Sally TR

Even though suggestions were made to alter the previous version I kind of knew all along it looked odd with sally turning, the hoop spinning and her circling her hips resulting in it being overly floaty - I hope this one fits her better :)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

@Phil @Alan The Bog Goblin Post Hand In

After given feedback I have made the following changes:
- hard stops gone (I think I got them all)
-Scene 1 re-comped (see before/after image)
-Reanimated Scene 1 Shot 7, 'shark shot' (last shot- still not completely satisfied but its better than what it was, any suggestions?)
- Mechanic animation/face - admittedly I haven't resolved all but the obvious ones have been redone- Credits placement and sound 
-Balancing white sound - my headphones have there own white noise so I hope the sound is balanced enough - please tell me your thoughts :)

I have been unintentionally absent for awhile so I'm playing the horrible game of catch up. I wanted any feedback before submitting for the screening award. Any small changes, particularly sound as I cant hear it well, please let me know :)
I am happy to make larger changes for New Designers stand.