Thursday, 22 October 2015

Minor: Bog Goblin Expression and Pose Sheet

I have also made a plan - more for myself when it comes to modelling him, where the horn-like ears are on his head as in my previous painting he looks rather flat faced. I want the horns to act like a dogs ears, so they can help convey an emotion as his features are simple its quite difficult to push an expression so I think these horns will help out alot if I can rig them properly

Minor: Girl Character - Expression and Pose Sheet

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Minor: Bog Goblin Rhyme

After working with Phil on what children actually like, whether boy or girl, scenarios and rhymes were made back and forth - here is the final rhyme... and I thought it was time that the Bog Goblin was introduced a little more :) I have also contacted Voice Over artists, just awaiting reply and I can start the animatic.

Beware the Bog Goblin! Beware him at night!
He likes to tickle your toes and gives Granny a fright!
He's under your bed and best friends with the dark
And when he smiles in the shadows, he smiles like a shark!

Beware the Bog Goblin! Shh! What is that noise?
He's crept into your toy box, he's eating your toys!
From your dolls hes made soup! From your bears he's made stew
Quick! Hide under your blankets before he eats you!

Beware the Bog Goblin! Phew! What is that pong
That smells of old socks and of cheese that's gone wrong?
Your mum and dad blame you, they think you're the one
But its not you making smells, its the Bog Goblin's bum!

Beware the Bog Goblin! Oh my what a muddle
Of the bathroom he's made. Look! The floors one big puddle!
He's been eating the soap! Drinking toothpaste's his thing
And flossing his gnashers using dog hair as string

Beware the Bog Goblin! Look! he's at it again!
Daubing this wall, now that one in crayon and pen!
He thinks hes an artist! He wants his face in a frame
But no matter what he thinks, you know you'll get the blame!

Beware the Bog Goblin! Now theres a surprise!
He's at the end of the garden, he's munching mud pies!
The legs pulled from fat spiders are a bog goblins treat,
But slugs are his favourite, he scoffs them like sweets

Beware the Bog Goblin! He's got a snotty wet nose
And right up it his tongue fits - as far as it goes
And from green goo and crusts he rolls big squishy bogies
And then taking his aim, he targets old fogies!

Beware the Bog Goblin! He;s big trouble for sure,
He breaks wind, and makes mess. Someone show him the door!
But isn't it true if the bog goblin departed
That you'd miss him a bit and be left feeling downhearted?

And isn't it true, that in spite of the noise
Of him wrecking the bathroom and chewing on toys,
That you love him a bit? He's a friend, (though bizarre).
So, the bog goblin's not perfect, but then which of us are?

Minor: Girl Character Colour Comps

I think (and hope!) I've got the girl character where I want her - at first too old then too young so I'm hoping with the addition of re'proportion and a little neck she hits the right age. I have also done some quick colour comps using overlay.

I know at the moment she looks a little plain - in the colour comps I've added freckles and whichever colour comp I take further I'll mess her up a bit with dirt specks and worn material but for now here are the local colours - I've been looking at pastel colours mostly. I like numbers 4 and 9 but I think some more colour play may be needed. All feedback is welcome :)

Maya Class: Posing a Charcter

We were asked to download a rig, I chose Bonnie from created by Josh Sobel

Here are the references I used and the screen caps of the rig

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Minor: Bog Goblin Final? Girl Character on the way...

So after my last tutorial it was suggested to go back to the girl and reconsider the proportions as she was looking a little too old, at first I was taking inspiration from old photos of my younger siblings but this time I've just focused on one of them - Lily who is 4 - though I'm unsure what age my character is she is 5 and under.

I looked at her face again, I originally like black eyes but children and animation in general are expressive, and through research characters for a younger audience have bigger eyes, so I want to make the girl as expressive as possible - which I don't believe can be done with black button eyes.

I like number 3 for the face

I also had another look at body proportions and dressed her up a bit, I like her in numbers 1, 3 and possibly 5.

I also adjusted the Bog Goblins colour and put him in his swimming costume :)

All feedback is welcome

Monday, 12 October 2015

Minor Project: Which Bog Goblin?

So I've done some sketches for his body and dressed him up a little and thought about colour palette too, I'm tying to not dive into details as it is unnecessary at the moment - I think the muted colours work well as I imagine the girl and the environment will hold most of the colour, plus he lives in a toilet and its not all rainbows in there....

One thing I am unsure of is which Bog Goblin to go for I really like both but I'm just not sure....

Some clothes for the Goblin! I like numbers 1, 2 and 4

I personally prefer colours 1 and 2

All feedback is welcome :)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Minor Project : Developing the Characters

So I've been thinking about the girl character and I'm not too sure of her age yet but I know its under 6. I've been trying to learn child proportions without making them look too doughy so below are some sketches. I've thought about the girl character mostly to get up to the same stage as the bog Goblin as I was giving him too much attention.

Practicing Child Poses and Proportions
I've then gone on to what the girl character would wear as I want her garments to echo her personality and interests. I like numbers 2, 8 and 12.

I then went on to her hair as I want her to reek of cuteness (my favorites are 9, 11 and 15) - which then brought me onto the face which I struggled with but I started to use references of my sisters when they were young and using parts of the bog goblins features subtly, this seemed to help, I'm not there yet but I think I'm heading in the right direction. (My favourites are 3 and 4)

And of course I couldn't forget the star of the show, so I've gone back to him and gave him some more faces which I'm quite happy with, I like numbers 5 and 7 (set 1), and number 1 in set 2.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Minor Project: The basis

So I'm starting a bit everywhere at the moment with some rough ideas on what the bog goblin could look like and what he gets up to. I've also started to think about the little girl character and what she could look like, but first I'm thinking I need to find her personality. I want it all to link so her being dressed up as something indicates an interest of hers or maybe she dresses like the bog goblin? Like Andy is Toy Story who likes cowboys and space rangers, he wears a cowboy hat in the beginning and has a space ship duvet cover. Which brings me to the location, I haven't thought too much about it other than there maybe a few as the rhyme will take place in more than one location I'm just not sure where yet.
I was first thinking too girly about the rhyming but after a corridor chat I did my research into more of the silly stuff that children enjoy, when they go through that phase of liking everything gross. This brought me onto looking into Horrid Henry, The Twits and re-watching some Larva, which was an original inspiration.
Below is an influence map of the girl character, silhouettes and rough face sketches of the bog goblin and what simple rhymes I've came up with so far and a clip of Larva for your enjoyment :)

*Note I'm trying to keep the lines in each rhyme similar as it'll be performed as skits I want the action to flow and be on screen long enough.

Girl IM

Bog Goblin Silhouettes

BG Faces - I like numbers 6 and 10

(these aren't in any particular order)

Beware of the bog goblin   
He’ll tickle your toes at night    
Borrow your bestest blanket
And give old Nana a fright!    

Beware of the bog goblin
For he makes teddy bear stew
And their ears to make dumplings
Or he may even eat you! 

Beware of the Bog Goblin
For he is a smelly thing
Using your socks as perfume
And dog hair as dental string

Beware of the Bog Goblin
He likes to pick big bogies
Roll them into squishy mush
And flick them at old fogies

Beware of the Bog Goblin
For he loves sugary sweets
Bounce, zip, flop, flip
Oh no… He’s been sick on your sheets

Beware of the Bog Goblin
He likes to make muddy pies
Digging through the flower pots
A yummy cake surprise!