Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project : Goblin Influence Maps

Though I need to do further research as to what will happen in the animation it is certain that the bog goblin will be included. I have done some influence maps containing inspiration for his appearance and the second is more of a reminder who my target audience is (and possible style influence), as I don't want my bog goblin to come across mean and scary more ugly-cute. I have also thought about how his environment would affect him; small spaces, dingey, dark and smelly will all play a factor to the size and shape of his proportions and features. That said I'm liking the idea of using a bat as an influence for his face as some are adorable and others are just 'unfortunate-looking' lets say. Other species I have been looking at is creatures that live in water as both toilets and sewers contain water maybe he could be slightly aquatic?

Something I am struggling with is the other character.... I'm thinking a young girl simply because it will be easier for me to convey it having younger sisters and it'll be easier to get a voice recording, however, this is something that isn't set in stone. I understand that I need two characters to play off each other to perform the skits, I have one so far but I need the young girl or boy to be interesting and not something generic.... more research to come and sketches of the bog goblin!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project ideas


So I’ve been thinking about what I could do to really put the ‘wow’ in my portfolio and it became all so much more real today when we were handed the brief and it was mentioned that this piece of work could be the one we showcase at New Designers, the one that we show everyone… so no pressure there! Still here are some rough ideas I’ve been considering over the long summer…

The Tale of the Bog Goblin
- A misunderstood goblin that lives in the bog/toilet
I’m not too sure how to approach this (book/animation) but it is the idea that I have most visuals for from purple cauldrons, bat ears and long cast shadows. I seem to produce work that is more aimed at a younger audience and I like linking in a fantastical element. So with this in mind here are some scenarios….

1 – Girl is being told about the ‘evil’ bog goblin, this cuts to scenes of him acting out the sentence, for example “he’ll eat all of your toys!” cut to a scene like in the old horror films where you see a long shadow cast on a wall where he seems to be eating a toy when really its just a biscuit or something, the bog goblin looks confused as if he can hear the narrator, shrugging ‘what did I do?’ 

2 – Girl hears bump in the night and sees the toilet bubbling and pouring like a purple cauldron (the bog goblin is coming). She hides but he is only trying to return the rubber duck (or something) she accidentally flushed earlier that day.

Poppy the Naughty Owl
An owl that does naughty things like children do but acts so innocently.
In all honesty I don’t have a lot going on this one other than the signature phrase being “who me?” with big owl eyes – I think this may be better as a book…

Dog Bones??
I think this idea is more of an animated short as there isn’t really any depth to it.
A dog is digging up his bone that he saved for later. When he finds his bone it swings out of his jaw and plonks him on the head and out comes the dog the owners previously had barking at him to stop nibbling him.

Something I am struggling with is style, I don’t want it to look too CG I would like a style stamp on it I’m just not sure what, below is what sparked off the ideas above and what possible style choices I wouldn’t mind exploring.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Summer Scribbles 2015 - Painting and Sketches

Before round three of animation at UCA kicks in I thought I'd share what I have done this summer, mostly traditional and getting out the watercolours, I'd like o think I've learnt a lot and would like to continue doing my own artwork alongside uni projects... if only it were that easy! Still I'm looking forward to getting back in the game :)
Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Pose Sketches

Character Perspective Sketches

Character Perspective Sketches


Perspective Heads

Pose Sketching

Child Sketching (very hard!)

Pose Sketching

Pose sketching

Character Perspective Sketch

Bat Doodles

Hands Study

Smiling Girl

Lion Doodles

Stag Doodles

Attempted Pin Up of Disney Villains....

Welsh Landscape 1


Welsh Landscape 2


Winter Lake

Stag in fog


More commercial this time... something I saw on Pinterest so I did my own

Scene from House of Flying Daggers

Cecilia from Atonement (Kiera Knightley)

Cecilia from Atonment (Kiera Knightley)