Monday, 23 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Rottcodd Sketch Paint up 2/3

This sketch paint up took alot longer that I thought, My sketch was inaccurate making in much more difficult when I had already started painting. As Rottcodd is old and gangly I have put him in this position, though I don't feel it is as successful as my previous 'sketch paint up' it was definitely a challenge that I felt that I overcame
All feedback is welcome :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Head Model Development 1

After my tutorial it was suggested to work on the eyelids and lip line. Then if I have time start the main two creases around the mouth and model the ear. I have made his eyelids slightly differently as he is elderly they would sag more hence the 'double-lip' on his upper eye lid. I have also blocked out the ear and for some reason he seems to be a bit smiley so I'll have to re work this later.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Review: When the Wind Blows

‘When the Wind Blows’ is an adapted animation created by Jimmy T. Murakami (1986) and written originally by Raymond Briggs (1982). Murakami, an American born citizen is responsible for the famous ‘The Snowman’ (1982) that graces our television screens most Christmas’ in some shape or form, usually an advertisement. His style is very illustrative, as if they could be seen in pages of a children’s story book, the line and shape is simplistic and has a strong root of ‘Britishness’ running throughout not only the setting of the animation but the script and sound score also. Peggy Ashcroft, a well-known British stage actress in her time appeared in one of the first stage productions of ‘The 39 Steps’. She also is the voice actress for Hilda Bloggs, the wife in ‘When the Wind Blows’. David Bowies (English singer/songwriter) song ‘When the Wind Blows’ is also the first from of music we hear in the opening making the decade of which the animation is set in  and the Britain element even more apparent.
When the Wind Blows’ is about an elderly retired couple living out the rest of their lives in the British countryside when all seems well and good there is a news report stating that there could be a nuclear war. The husband of the pair, Jim, is enthusiastic and eager to prepare for the worst whereas his wife, Hilda wants to carry on as normal as she feels slightly safer away from the bigger cities (a more targeted point). Jim follows the Governments guidelines on what to do in preparation if a bomb where to fall. Jim builds a shelter in his own home using various doors and items from the house to make it safe and secure. Unfortunately, a bomb does fall and we watch how Jim and Hilda respond to it, coping and adapting to the destroyed environment.

If Murakami was trying to achieve a British animation, he did. The script has British stamped all over it, the repetitive tea making and the wife telling off the husband. The elderly couple believe what they hear and follow each rule that is first given to them rather than investigating other sources to see if their plan of action is different. The different methods used within the animation were done successfully but were very obvious, at times the scene didn’t blend however, this may have been deliberate, something that was unexpected in a 2D 80s animation. Though the film is about a daunting subject, nuclear war, the script is enjoyable as at times it becomes relatable as we as a British audience member have seen and heard similar actions. I would recommend this for a more adult audience who want to re live a few memories.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Refined Blocking (UPDATE)

Smooth and Mirrored

Unsmooth Side

Unsmooth Back

Unsmooth Front

Acting Class 3

This session was all about appeal and creative thinking. We did exercises that included coming up with an action with an object but not telling the subject what to do... only using clapping as a form of response. The item chosen didn't have to serve the purpose that was expected which made it funny to watch.

L: Objects M: Sam using a brush for a mic R: Suki stroking a mug like a cat

L: Josh the snake charmer M: Anthony Drying himself R: Will Fanning himself with toilet roll

L: Tom giving birth to Cartmen M: Ayunie clipping her nails R: Rosalyn Peeling a banana

In the second half of the session we would move until Dan said freeze, another person would join the scene and it would resume, the new member gave us the scene, ranging from sunbathing to karate to a hit & run.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Sketch Paint up 1/3

Taken from one of my sketches it was suggested to develop some of these and 'beautify' them, This is Rottcodd in colour, hopefully I will do two more to add to my character bible.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Adaptation Part B: Fur Cloak Tests

set 1

set 2

set 3

set 4

set 5
set 6
(Above is the process of how I got to my final fur; set 6 far right image)
After lots of experimenting I have decided to go with 75% Bear and 25% Porcupine as I do want it looking soft but Rottcodd does live in a loft so it cant be as luxurious as somebody elses cloak who lives in the castle. I got my colcour pallette quite quickly and after using scraggle and experimenting with the tip and base ambient frequency it caused some patches which I liked as it made it more natural. Now I need to figure out how to put these presets on a modeled nurbs cloak.....

@Alan Adaptation Part B: Head Modelling - Refined Blocking



Smooth (Front View)
Using the tutorials as a reference I am hoping to have the flow of geometry more accurate than not before proceeding.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Acting Class 2

Today was quite a challenging class. We were first given numbers (unkowingly) and we responded to each others status based on the number (1 being a lower status and 10 being the highest).

We were then paired up and given a scenario, and played out a high or low status then performed the scenario again in reverse, all improp!

Ayunie and Ruby
Ruby heard something in the bushes but Ayunie is determined to stay at the campfire.

Josh and Heidi
Josh has a date and Heidi is a nosy mother looking out for her son.

Me and Sam
Avoiding all conversation about his new ugly hair-do.

Suki and Anthony
A father has opened his daughters letters.

Tom and Anthony
A possible job promotion.

Overall the class was very enjoyable though personally I found it very difficult to be the more vulnerable lower status.