Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Character: Further Board Designs

I have chosen board 1 and 4 to develop further. I quite like the two middle boards, the compass and a combination of rich colours could be something to develop further.
All feedback is welcome :)

Pipeline 1: CC Facial Rigging 4 - Brow (Updated)

So the eyebrows actually move with the head now however when I use the whole body control everything moves out of place?

Monday, 29 December 2014

Character: Forest Character Concept/Card Art

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3
This is my concept/card art for my Forest Character. I have uploaded three versions with different levels/contrast and also because of different viewing settings on screens.
All Feedback is welcome :)

Character: Forest Character Concept/Card Art

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

@Alan Character: Concept Art Compositions?

Water Character

White Woman Character

Faun Character
Water Character: The 'hand' closest to us is actually a crab claw, it is difficult to understand it but with colour I think it could help.
White Woman: Though I have not put all the details in for her yet the white ball of light is more of a guide and will be a stone instead.
Faun Character: I had alot of trouble placing the legs correctly as they are faun legs and not human legs.
Other Thumbnails can be found here:

I have tweaked some compositions as I wanted to be able to see the characters face.
All feedback is welcome :)

@Alan Character: Composition for Concept Art?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pipeline 1: CC Rigging - Part 3 Arms & Hand

Pipeline 1: CC Rigging - Rigging Part 2 Spine & Neck

Pipeline 1: CC Rigging - Rigging Part 1 Feet & Legs

Character: The Board - Structure and Designs


Thinking about my structure I may go with the more 3D version, as if each ring is a upper level. I also like the circular shape as its more earth and globe like. With the designs I prefer the simpler ones with less colour, I will continue designs further with more details to see which works best.
A brief description of each one:
1 -Plain map
2 - Coloured rings representing kingdoms
3 - Coloured countires representing kingdoms
4 - Compass inspired
5 - Detailed map with symbols for example - the forest is resembled with a tree
6 - Outlined coloured countries to represent kingdoms
All feedback is welcome :)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Character: Character Concept Thumbnails

Witch Doctor Character Thumbnails

Forest Character Thumbnails

Water Character Thumbnails

White Woman Character Thumbnails
These are a selection of thumbnails I have done before going into concept art for the characters I am designing. The figures in the thumbnails represent the character - they are not the character themselves. I am trying to work out effective compositions that are suggestive to narrative and that would fit in well with card art.
All feedback is welcome :)