Thursday, 16 January 2014

Soundscape: Extremely rough storyboard idea

I have gone with the idea that this is Mount Vesuvius erupting into Pompeii, Italy.
- Opening with a LS of a market and a customer looking at apples.
- CU of customers hand holding apple.
-MS of apple stall shaking
-LS of customer confused.
-CU of customer looking towards Mount Vesuvius.
-LS of smoke coming from volcano.
-LS of customer dropping apple and stepping back, PAN into..
- Customer runs towards camera as it pitches towards his feet (CU).
-LS of volcano spurting lava.
-ELS of citizens running through town, bell ringer looks from balcony.
-ECU of bell ringing, swinging to and from the camera.
-ELS of citizens running, scene gets darker as ash cloud shadow spreads over the town.
-LS/MS of bell ringer letting go of the rope.
-CU of bell ringers frightened expression.
- Keyframe.

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea, maybe you could have some more frames of the eruption at the end to make it more dramatic? Possibly heading towards the town.