Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Toolkit Animation: Zoetrope - Circus Bear

My circus bear :)
I prefer the way it looks on the zoetrope aparatus, and will upload/link the video when I have access.

Secret Lairs : From Concept to Model (Brief)

Secret Lairs: Final Render (UPDATE)

Since the last render I have added more contrast to the pillars, slightly rotated my fountain, added a substance to the sand and added my own painted textures to the rags.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Secret Lairs: CP Archived UPDATE

Production Artist: Brandon Russell

Secret Lairs: Rendered Image of scene (complete?)

This is my final scene of the Arachnid Secret Agent Lair modelled in Maya. I like my outcome and think my strengths when using this software is lighting, however my weakness is texturing. My final image isn't identical to my Concept Art, I have changed the floor to sand instead of stone slabs with small sand piles and the extruded part of the ceiling isn't patterned the way I had hoped.
Possible changes...
I would like to keep the ball of fire but make it less CG, I was shown this with fire flames on a plane but I have forgotten how to do this.
Also possibly put the original pattern onto the extruding part of the ceiling; the reason why I haven't experimented with these changes as I'm not sure how to do them and will investigate further.
Please comment and tell me what you think, should I keep the scene the way it is or make the changes? 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Secret Lairs: Disc Artwork

I have chosen my concept work this time instead of a whole different design as the last disc didn't work as effectively as I would've hoped.

Secret Lairs: Orthographics of Secret Lair

Secret Lairs: Final Concept Design

This is my final design for the secret lair: The arachnid secret agent.

Toolkit Maya: Digital sets - Complete

It is complete! Throughout these tutorials I have discovered that I quite enjoy modelling and lighting to evoke different atmospheres. I still need to get grips with the bump and specular maps.